Birth Mothers

Contact us day or night!

Are you faced with an unplanned pregnancy?

Do you feel overwhelmed or unable to continue parenting?

Are you worried about CPS intervention?

You are NOT alone. KidsFirst is here to support you!

We work with women facing a number of problems, including those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, or mothers who may be overwhelmed with parenting, regardless of the child’s age. We are available to walk you through the adoption process and talk with you about your options! We want you to find peace and comfort in a plan that is right for you during this uncertain time. Adoption is a choice that can provide you with a fresh start, and secure a safe and stable future for your child.

The Process:

Call or text us anytime at 317-518-3032.

We will answer your questions and brief you on the process. We are here to help you!


We can arrange to meet at a convenient location.

You will look through the profiles of families that we have already approved, and you will select a match that you are comfortable with.


We will offer you help and support.

You will be provided with emotional and financial support throughout the rest of your pregnancy. We are always available to help out.


After giving birth, we will help you get back on your feet.

At the hospital, you decide the details of your delivery and hospital stay. Official paperwork is not signed until at least 24 to 48 hours after delivery.


We work with birth mothers throughout the State of Indiana and during all different stages in their pregnancy.

  1. Call us at (317) 843-2300, or 1-877-612-2345 - open 24/7.
  2. We will show you all of the necessary information about the process and potential adoptive families. You will pick a family and indicate whether or not you would like to meet with them. All of our adoptive families are pre-approved and committed. They are ready to parent the child right away.
  3. We will walk you through the process while always keeping in mind what is important to you.
  4. We will answer all of your questions and concerns. You can choose if you would like to receive updates about the child after the adoption has been completed.